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Merit & Achievements

Certificates and Medals

Merit Certificates and other Gift articles will be presented to the students who secure more marks in all subjects in all the Formative and Summative Assessment.

Medals and Certificates will be awarded annually to those who distinguish themselves in Games,Sports,Co-curricular activities -Singing, Drawing, Handwriting, Recitation, Oratorical and Essay writing.

Merit Scholarship

Merit Scholarship will be given to Six Students in each standard who secured highest Marks in all the Formative and Summative Assessment (more than 85% marks in every subjects).

Student Name Scholarship Amount
Mahatma Gandhi Merit Scholarship Rs. 3,000/-
Dr. Radhakrishnan Merit Scholarship Rs. 2,500/-
Mahakhavi Bharathi Merit Scholarship Rs. 2,000/-
V.O. Chidambaram Merit Scholarship Rs. 1,500/-
Kamarajar Merit Scholarship Rs. 1,000/-
Aringnar Anna Merit Scholarship Rs. 500/-

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